Several times throughout the series various characters break the fourth wall:

  • Rick speaks directly to the camera during a psuedo-political outburst in Cash.
  • In Nasty the scene-stealing postman gratefully receives flowers and over the top applause from the audience thanking them as he leaves the stage.
  • At the very end of Oil Vyvyan speaks directly to the audience through the camera.
  • The fourth wall is broken several times during Sick:
  • Vyvyan speaks to the audience through the camera whilst suffering in bed.
  • Neil's parents refer to their shame at him appearing in The Young Ones, and compare the programme to several other TV shows - Triangle, Grange Hill and The Good Life.
  • A prop chair is broken too soon causing a "real" chair to be smashed over Rick's head later on in the programme - all commented on by Mike.
  • After being stunned by Rick and recovering in the compost Neil speaks to the audience through the camera
  • Vyvyan breaks the fourth wall in Summer Holiday, when after being evicted he explains that he has lots of narrative "because we're in a television studio Mike, and they can't do any long shots"