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Played by Christopher Ryan, Mike TheCoolPerson was the odd-one-out of the four. He is the assumed leader of the group, despite his diminutive size, and does not involve himself in the battles between the other three. He makes puns, which are either deliberately cheap or humorous but over-celebrated.

He frequently utters confusing, profound-sounding phrases which baffle the others (for example, in the episode Flood when asked by Rick if he stole his apple, Mike replies "Well, if you're gonna sin you might as well be original.") Mike is supposedly the ladies' man of the bunch and brags about his prowess with women, although he is shown to share his bed with an inflatable Sex doll and once almost admitted his virginity to the others in "Nasty". He makes every attempt at wooing the opposite sex, being quite forward and unsuccessful.

A con artist, he always has some kind of plan to make quick money such as renting out Rick's bedroom as a roller disco and soliciting bids for the unexploded atom bomb that fell into the house. Mike attends Scumbag College only nominally as he has blackmailed his tutor and the Dean of the school for grants and apparently passing grades. In "Summer Holiday" he muses "I think I'll ask for one of those Ph.D.s next year."

While Mike often does things at the expense or detriment of his housemates, he rarely expresses the sort of open hostility that the others do, and seems to cause them trouble only when it benefits him, rather than out of sadistic joy. He has, however, managed to nail his own legs to a table, and knocked Neil out during a game of cricket, albeit unintentionally. We only see violence inflicted on him three times - twice by the guys (at the end of the "Living Doll" video, when Vyvyan knocks him unconscious with a hammer and in "Summer Holiday", when Neil transforms into the Incredible Hulk, who picks up Mike and throws him to the ground; however, it turns out it was only Neil's imagination) and once in "Time" when Helen Mucus (the psychotic murderess played by Jennifer Saunders,) tries to suffocate him with a pillow.

Mike's surname is ambiguous--The Bachelor Boys book refers to him as "The Cool Person" several times, but in different styles including quotes. This could imply that "The Cool Person" is not a surname but instead a title - similar to Steve "Interesting" Davis the snooker player or Earvin "Magic" Johnson the basketball player - however the matter is never clarified one way or another.

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