Special Patrol Group (usually referred to in initials as "SPG") is a destructive hamster with the Glaswegian accent, named by his owner, the punk character Vyvyan in the BBC sitcom The Young Ones. Given his name, it is perhaps no coincidence that SPG shares his owner's fondness for extreme violence.

In the first episode:"Demolition" Rick says that Special Patrol Group was a stupid name for a hamster in order to frustrate Vyvyan and get attention. However Vyvyan in reply decides to momentarily and temporarily change his name by calling SPG; "Cliff Richard" much to Ricks annoyance and disgust

He met his end in "Summer Holiday" when he was asleep on the radiator of Vyvyan's car when he crashed in into a power pole and crushed him. As he rose up as an angel to heaven to the tune of "Amazing Grace" played on the bagpipes he scorned Vyvyan by saying;"I'll see you later you little wimp!"

they are also known as other lovely people to also in the one after summer holiday the young ones