The Young Ones is a video game based on the British comedy television series, The Young Ones.

The game takes place in the students' house. The player can choose to play as either Mike, Neil, Vyvyan or Rick which then you explore the house and enter different rooms. The other characters become computer controlled players. All characters can move around the house, pick up and drop objects, as well as break and fix things. The characters often talk, giving your player clues as to what the character intends to do.

The aim of the game is to try and move out of the house with all your character's belongings in the shortest time possible. This isn't so easy because your possessions are typically not in their preferred condition, or are hidden around the house, and you will need various tools to get to them. The other characters will move around the house, behaving in-character, occasionally moving all your possessions around, and occasionally damaging them - making your life harder.